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    Neuf Châteaux Familiaux

    Château LE MOULIN,
    QUERRE Vineyards
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    Neuf Châteaux Familiaux

    Château MANCEDRE,
    ROY-TROCARD Vineyards
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    Querre Vineyards
    Quintessence terroirs of Bordeaux,
    in nectars combining tradition and modernity
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    Roy-Trocard Vineyards
    Rely on the past to better understand the future,
    respecting our terroir


Behind each terroir, each field, each vineyard there are some people, working all year long to make out the best of their respective terroirs

Emmanuel Querre

Four generations and over a century of passion for vines and the wines.

Offer of the exceptional products have been the spirit of the Querre family, since 1897, the date when the trading company was created. For four generations the family cultivated and nurtured the production of exceptional products since 1909, when they acquired its first vineyard in Pomerol.

Under the leadership of Emmanuel, the Querre vineyards consist today of five properties totaling over fifty hectares. Each domain expresses the maximum of its potential, everyone has its unique style and the deepest respect for the soil. Certain vines there are more than 110 years old.

The ongoing investments and the daily efforts reflect the constant search for the best methods of achieving the ultimate results in producing consistently exceptional Bordeaux wines.

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Jean Trocard

The Roy-Trocard wines are listed among the great Bordeaux wines. Winemakers since 1628, the Roy-Trocard family continues the production of wines of supple finesse on three properties and four AOC.

Jean Trocard remains faithful, like those before him, to the values that made the richness and originality part of family history, an unbreakable link to the land, the search for quality and innovation.

Adhering to an environment-friendly viticulture, all properties are operated in a spirit of tradition, respecting the seasons, learning and drawing on the experience of previous generations, while looking to the future.

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